The Eden certificate — an original present or foresight worthy of the First Ones?
Using the example of the Lunar Embassy, which declared itself the owner of the Moon and for many years sells certificates of owning plots on the Moon all over the world, the Eden Embassy offers certificates participant of creation of the new earthly reality, which will soon replace the existing one (Eden Certificate™).

What is Eden Certificate™

Eden Certificate™
is the best way to change your destiny
Isn’t it true that our reality looks a lot like Hell? Everything is divided, became illusory, perverted, even money. Life is deprived of meaning and value. Will you need your money in coming catastrophe? Maybe it’s better to use them properly to avoid your personal hell. It is possible if you take all the measures and buy the insurance now.
Eden Certificate™
is an original gift for any holiday
Health and good luck are the common wishes for the new-married or for the birthdays. But why should the fate be good to them? Fate is the justice of God. God needs mutuality, when you scarify to Him, He gives you back the same. There should be a conscious victim to the God. He will appreciate it because He is equitable.
Eden Certificate™
is the pass to the company of the First
There are the First and the Second. The first ones create while the second ones repeat, so their life status would be always lower. These are the rules of nature, so it will be like that forever. The First ones always know and have abilities. The second ones sometimes are able to do something but they rarely know. So the Knowing is the most important, you have to be the one who really Knows. Knows what? Knows how the World really works.
Eden Certificate™
is the ticket to the Morning Eden for you and your loved ones
The world is perfect, the proof of this will be its eternity. Of course, the perfection of the World is not present in everyday sinful life, but you can find it on a subatomic level, in the interaction of quanta of the world consciousness. Something, which is ideal inside, lives forever and cannot die, as ideally has no excess. These are excess and imbalance that lead to death. When perfection interrupts, the end connects with the beginning. What is happening on the Earth now is the end. This means that we are waiting for a decent new beginning, a new Morning. Eden, come in!
Eden Certificate™ is the bonus for the ones who act fair and the indulgence for the ones who act appropriate

How to get Eden Certificate™

lifelong and non-negotiable document
Step 1
Register on our website and get access to your personal account
Step 2
Pay the sum equal to 5000 RUB through the payment form in the personal account
Step 3
Get the original certificate with a unique number