The Morning Eden

The Lunar Embassy sells certificates for owning plots on the Moon, Mars and other planets of the Solar system.

In the conditions of obvious impossibility to reach extraterrestrial “property” these certificates can be considered souvenirs, original gifts. But not only that. People are trying to file their claim on other planets in case of exodus from the Earth, whose catastrophe is coming.

All money at all time directly impacted human fate. You can waste it or you can spend it with a purpose. Why seek for salvation outside the Earth, when salvation is predetermined by the Earth itself? That’s all you have to do: transfer to a parallel world and start life anew. Heavenly reality is near! Its sphere is one quantum away from ours.

You are worried, and what about your body? What about the body? Man consisting of atoms is part of the World consisting of the same atoms. On the atomic and subatomic levels the World and man are the one and it is dangerous to divide them. Modern science states that the Universe is a hologram and all reality is holographic with it. Our reality is also a reflection from the center of the Earth and it’s illusory. Also illusory is your body, a bunch of atoms, but the radiating soul in the center of the body is immortal.

What is better – to get to the dead Moon with one suitcase by some kind of miracle, and what to do there? Or to be the First in the rich reality of the First? Where are there more chances for an individual to survive?

The problem is that a principally wrong picture of the World is downloaded into your mind. You are afraid of what you should not be afraid of, and are not afraid of what you should be afraid of. When time dies, it turns into dead space. Time like light and fire is emitted from the center and, changing in essence, vanishes in the periphery, where there is darkness, cosmic cold, despair and hopelessness. The Moon and Mars are on the edge of the earthly reality, you don’t want to go there.

The reality waiting for you is Paradise, the morning Eden, Territory of Concord™, for it is the unity of consciousness creating without end. The First do not accept the end, they turn it into the beginning.

Eden Certificate™: you acquire while donating.