Eden Certificate™

Certificates of participant of creation of the new earthly reality (Eden Certificate™) – is a document of charity.

The Eden Certificate™, not being goods or property, confirms the fact of the certificate owner’s participation in the initial formation of the anti-money mass in the noosphere.

Eden Certificates™ can be purchased voluntarily with the purpose of providing charity assistance to the Eden Embassy in the restoration of the planetary noosphere integrity. Certain persons for their deeds worthy of the First can get their certificates as gifts by decision of the Embassy.

Payment for the certificate is a multiple of 5 thousand rubles and is not limited in size. The nominal is shown in the certificate issued to its owner as proof of the charitable deed. Payments can be made more than once with receipt of a new certificate. Thus, the individual accumulation of anti-money happens, positively correcting fate.

Each Eden Certificate™ has its own unique number. Eden Embassy strictly controls all the issued certificates in the Register of certificate owners protecting the necessary confidentiality.

The official confirmation of the certificate ownership is the entry in the Eden Certificate™ Register. The completeness and correctness of the information shown in the Register is controlled by the certificate owners via their private offices on this website.

To purchase an Eden Certificate™ it is necessary to send an application form to the Embassy and make a pre-payment. The paid certificate will be sent to the private office of the owner in an electronic form. Those who wish to receive the certificate in paper version must indicate it in their application beforehand.

The Eden Certificate™ – is a life-long and imprescriptible document.

Eden Certificates are issued to physical entities, citizens of Russia and other countries in Russian.

Eden Certificate™ is the bonus for the ones who act fair and the indulgence for the ones who act appropriate.