Territory of Concord
Территория Согласия
Volunteers of the Earth



The objectives of the International Popular Movement “Volunteers of the Earth” presented in 2020 are: organization, participation and development of the international project “Salvation” based on the new scientific picture of the World.

The goal of the project is to improve the individual and general fate based on new ideas about the world order and, in this regard, new opportunities to influence reality to its positive qualitative changes.

General Position

In its activity, the International Popular Movement “Volunteers of the Earth” is guided by the historic documents of the UN World Conference (Rio de Janeiro, 1992), signed by most countries of the world.

The participants of the Movement believe that the global development crisis, the existence of which was officially recognized by the Conference, is becoming irreversible. Instead of implementing the resolutions of the Conference that unite the civilization, humanity is divided, embittered and is intensively preparing for a world war when the resource possibilities of the planet are exhausted.

There will be no winners in this situation. Humanity has only one way to escape: it must change radically in a short time, become one again, and unite the minds with one idea - a positive change of reality.

A change of reality is possible on the basis of a picture of the world corresponding to the actual structure with the participation of the masses and precise coordination of common efforts.

Personal Position

A Volunteer of the Earth recognizes the Earth as the intelligent center of the spherical Universe.


Regardless of the country and place of residence, each participant of the Movement consciously and voluntarily assumes the following duties and obligations

• recognizes the position of the International Public Movement “Volunteers of the Earth”;

• actively participates in the Movement's projects and initiatives in its region and in the world;

• conducts active educational work among the population;

• attracts new supporters of the Movement;

• donates according to their capabilities for good causes, including for the purposes of the Movement.


Those who decide to become a Volunteer of the Earth should organize a group of like-minded people in their region or join an existing one, since this activity must be collective in order to be effective.

It is desirable that the Group should inform us about the start of activities for inclusion in the list of regional groups of Earth Volunteers.


Moral Support

Due to the special relevance of the idea and the need to demonstrate a positive public opinion about the project “Volunteers of the Earth”, we ask all those who sympathize with our goals and objectives to support the initiative by sending scans of their letters in support of the Movement to the email address here.

Technical Support

International practice is applied. The movement develops on the principles of crowd funding, crowd sourcing and crowd testing.

Material Support

The Movement will gratefully accept your charitable assistance here.

The Sign of the Volunteers of the Earth

Гимн Добровольцев Земли

Anthem of the Volunteers of the Earth

Глаз Севера