Lunar Embassy

The Lunar Embassy is an organization located in the USA for selling property certificates for certain areas on extra-terrestrial objects, for instance, the Moon. Besides the Moon, the company sells certificates for owning plots on Mars and other planets of the Solar System. The received certificates have no legal force, since according to Resolution 2222 (XXI) of the United Nations Office for Outer Space Affairs (UNOOSA) of 1966, the space including the Moon and other celestial bodies are not subject of national appropriation by proclaiming their sovereignty, or use, or occupation, or by any other means. Therefore, such certificates can be considered an original souvenir. In spite of the virtual activities of the company, lunar certificates are in high demand as amusing presents for friends and family.

In 1980 the Californian (USA) Dennis Hope paid attention to the fact that natural extra-terrestrial space objects officially do not belong to anyone. According to his interpretation, legislation prohibits possession of stars and planets only by states and corporations, but for private persons there is no such prohibition, he thinks. Using his interpretation of the legislation Dennis Hope declared himself owner of all space objects of the Solar System, except the Earth and Sun.

The surface of the visible side of the Moon and other planets is divided by the Lunar Embassy into plots, each of which has precise coordinates and registration number. The standard size of a lunar plot is 1 acre. There is a registration database similar to the land cadastre. Each transaction gets a registration number.

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