Eden Embassy

The Eden Embassy (legal entity – Eden Ltd., Russia), active since 2002, is the organization under the patronage of the Vit.

Considering each reality an intellectual product, the Eden Embassy works to create conditions for people accepting the real structure of the World and Earth, attract investment for the renewal of the planet’s noosphere, initiate spiritual growth of as many earthlings as possible, who are capable of becoming First in the heavenly reality.

The confirmation of the spiritual growth of people will be their awareness of the high sense of sacrifice for the common cause and voluntary donations, the consequence of which is the fair correction of the fate for the better. The conscious sacrifice is performed by noble deeds and charity.

For the sake of restoration of the planetary noosphere integrity (place of God) the Eden Embassy raises and consolidates funds also by way of offering to all those wishing the charitable Eden certificates, the basis of the future world currency – anti-money connected to the noosphere.

Eden Certificate™ is the bonus for the ones who act fair and the indulgence for the ones who act appropriate.