Real World order and Earth Reality

Forget everything you’ve been told about the Universe. The world is arranged in a funny way, to complete absurd and absolute paradox, that’s why all the logical models of the world order and society are mistaken in principle and inviable in the long run.

The irreproachable self-organization of the World is the truth – absence of error, and ideal – absence of excess. We must start moving from these basics.

To understand the World on the level of biology one must first understand it on the level of physics of the microworld, the basis. Random combination of atoms to a DNA molecule is categorically excluded by physics and mathematics. Therefore, a logical conclusion: the theory of biological evolution is a deception and opium for the people. But since complicated molecules do exist and interact freely, then precondition for the development of life is not “evolution”, but something quite different, more perfect and beautiful, namely – the Creator, one and only Lord of innumerable worlds-universes, Ruler and Manager.

The inception of any deed and construction of the world will be design, and only then, as continuation of the design, work. There, the world conscience is primary to all. The world is intellectual in its pure form, therefore absolute and hierarchical, truly organized, ideally structured and originally not burdened by body, incorporeal.

In the incorporeal, holographic and virtual nature of the world all its innumerable worlds-realities are illusory and only seem to be real. They can be changed and replaced by parallel other by the influence of the prepared conscience. The Knowing have been using it for their purposes since time immemorial.

A paradox: there is no energy in the Universe. No energy – no entropy, this is the only condition of the eternal existence, but the World is eternal without a doubt. There are no incomplete processes in the ideally organized, every beginning has an ending, every ending has a beginning, and everything comes back to square to square one. The same is with earth realities; pairs of noosphere-biosphere time and again begin and end when their time is up.

Here is another funny thing. The Center of the entire multi-world World will be the center of the Earth exactly – the bottomless Hole from the Real to the outside illusion. In the Hole is the really Truthful all-world Lord. From the center of the Earth are radiated to the outside all the world-realities, not only human, but others too. That’s how the notorious anthropic principle of the universe is explained, as the universe is ours.

The Earth center is the world point. The development of the point to the outside is possible only by a sphere within a sphere; it was mentioned by the thinkers of Hellas long ago. Each such sphere is a separate reality. Our reality is also a sphere, a thin layer of illusory life on the surface of the globe.

The synonym of life is time. When time of one earthly world is coming to an end, the reality is fragmented to the limit and disappears. It is replaced in consequence by a similar other, whole, full of time, capable of full-bloodied life.

Always in the beginning is Paradise, integration, in the end – Hell, differentiation, and so it goes circle after circle and tied to the entropy of time. Time can run out, then the quality of reality is aggravated, the heavenly gradually becomes hellish.

The Earthly Paradise is a morning, the beginning of reality, when there is time and the whole life is ahead of you, when there is space, it is fresh and clean, quiet, orderly, unified, there is harmony, health, the soul is singing, the body answers, everyone is a relative to everyone, people love, and understand, there is abundance of assuredness, ideas, opportunities and forces.

Earthly Hell is an evening, the end of reality, feeble, sick, squalid; the life is lived, there is no more time, everything around is befouled so much it is impossible to clean, it is stifling, dirty, tight, disintegrated, everyone is screaming in anger, hate each other, there is perversion and chaos, body and soul suffer, there are no hopes, wishes or forces left.

Isn’t it true that our reality looks a lot like Hell? Everything is divided, became illusory, perverted, even money. Life is deprived of meaning and value.

When the circle closes, the world will transform. Those who consider themselves First must work, do the deed. Others, on the eve, should rather insure themselves, demonstrate understanding and file their claim in the Morning Eden.

Eden Certificate™: played for evil, we will play for good.