Change of realities

Everyone heard of parallel worlds-realities, but only a few took time to think that in such case these realities must be flat nearby layers. We live in such thinnest layer ourselves.

There is no end to layered realities on the Earth, and each one has its own time of dawn and sunset. Realities change one another, for there is life giving birth to itself, but death in the Universe is illusory.

Since all universal phenomena in their basis, their beginning, are intellectual, then any earthly reality is an intellectual game, a reflection of the Earth Reason from the sphere, noosphere according to science. The source of noospheric reflections will be earthly center emitting co-knowledge; in it there is Whole Knowledge concentrated into a point.

As many others, the earthly noosphere is a spherical intellectual mirror on the internal surface of which life is reflected in all its diversity, a portion emitted by the pinpoint earth center– the world Lord. Materialists, atheists and nihilists assert other things. But no matter how hard they try, they cannot prove it.

When the mirror of the world Reason is intact, the reflection of life will be right, correct and just. When the amalgam of the mirror grows dim, is covered with cracks, is broken into separate fragments, the reflection of life becomes incoherent, distorted and perverted.

Upon complete exhaustion of the time of the perverted life-reflection comes its replacement by a new life. From the impulse of Knowledge emitted by the earth point center to the earth spherical periphery a whole new reality immediately appears next to the old disappearing in the eternal darkness of punishment, for we have become sinners.

Since the layer of the young reality joins the layer of the old one, life continuity will certainly happen. Some people, who became First before God, will come to the new world as gods.

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