Everyone agrees that money is dust, the real value is life.

Besides the possibility to live, the quality of life is important, and here nothing compares to Heaven. Don’t be surprised about the Heaven. It is as true as the fact that in the end there will be Hell on Earth.

In the long run all the weak and stupid will fold their limbs and give up. The strong will face the dilemma – to become a hitman in anger and murderer of your own soul or to soar with joy of revelation without losing individuality over the things that made a beast out of man. Get used to the idea that your Self will continue and survive after each death, - you have been infused with the picture of the world where there is death, but in fact there is no death.

In the coming cataclysm, will you need your money? Maybe it’s better to use it so that there will be no hell for you personally? It is possible if you took preventive measures and protected yourself.

People started talking about crypto currency all of a sudden. What is the problem with digital currency? Ordinary people understand very little about it. What else is bad is that for mining you need lots of servers, the more powerful the better. In the end the resources will be godlessly expensive; miningists will not be able to buy electricity in the needed amounts. No electricity for block chaining, - no electronic money; and you won’t restore it or prove anything.

For confidence in the future to give you forces, you need such a reserve that wouldn’t be lost, and others would not grab it. Now that the shakedown started, banks give no guarantees. And digital currency will definitely not solve the problem. You need anti-money in all the beauty of this idea’s madness.

Money at the beginning is the consequence of a more or less fair exchange. Before the end the exchange becomes a monstrous deception; the interest on the loan and money printing press being the reason. Pure appropriateness and “there is no crime that capital won’t commit for 300% profit”.

The history of monetary, meaning social, relations is the ever growing, all-consuming deception. The meaning of this word is – a trick, mirage, unreal, something which does not exist in reality, perversion and lies. We are fed the illusion, presenting it as a real thing. Conjurers make money because unfortunate people know nothing about the universal illusion.

In the boiling mirage of deception the society turned out to be unreal, deceived and illusory. The world is drowning in deception and is getting mad because surreptitiously understands it. Humankind is sick with lack of trust and loss of faith. They do not trust the near or the far, don’t believe anybody, even presidents.

Governments want to make economy electronic and that’s all. People do not want it since they know that with total transfer to digits there will be no protection from streetwise frauds, and money will be lost also for technical reasons: when war begins, no electronic devices will bear military electromagnetic impulses, the systems will burn accounts will come to naught and the wave of financial chaos will surge. How will you live then? How would you buy any bread or potatoes?

People see that money became illusory: if there are digits on the electronic account you are a kind of god; if there are no digits – you are a bum. Today it’s not a human being, but digits ruling everything and deciding everything. Can you influence money? It can influence you. The illusory dominates. We must start replacing the illusory with the real from money.

We are speaking about tomorrow, aren’t we? It will be as we make it ourselves. This is the first thing one must remember when building the tomorrow’s morning: the real is the source; the illusory is what is reflected, and not otherwise. To avoid hell you must reach the source and quench your thirst with what exists in reality.

The source of all life in the Universe is its Creator. It is actually reasonable and logical. Science does not recognize the Creator, but it is illusory like everything else; you can’t believe everything scientists say. There is a pile of proof against Darwin’s ape-man, but what’s the use? At what does not exist illusion is power, its name is legion.

Know this. The Creator exists. The Creator’s status is Supreme, Real God. Everyone will see God in their time and will become Him at the end of their way, since part is from Happiness.

Know this. The universe was co-created. The Creator has a co-Creator –Satan born by the Lord to make world difference, the condition for energy and power. The goal and objective of Satan is to multiply illusion, whereas the task of God is to remain the unchanged Real.

God looks after quality and fairness. Satan takes by quantity and prefers appropriateness. Haven’t you understood it yet? Satan is in the world and rules the world. He wants to make life on Earth worthless and He is succeeding, as you can see Pure physics, entropy devours energy.

The Power of God and Powerlessness of Satan in their extremes drive the Universe, and there is no limit to it. To what storage do you put your life? It’s not an idle inquiry. The one becoming really rich in the feat of honor becomes god. The one acquiring “wealth” and “fortune” by deceit was included in Stan’s servants out of competition and in the coming hell will be holding a pitchfork, with a tail and horns. Then there will be Pit for him, so that he would climb its slimy walls wailing with grief to the previous level which he had left himself until he gets closer to the crossroads to make his choice again. Thus, in repetition fair God teaches the unwise.

If there was Paradise at the beginning, then people were gods there, and we are their distant descendants? Exactly so. Not all of them, of course, but those who came from the First, when the tongues had not yet divided. The rest were born by Darwin; they believe it themselves, why should they feel offended?

People used to know before what they do not know now. The present went into illusion because they lost the light of knowledge. Darkness lights our way and we go into the dark singing songs.

The world is becoming more illusory with time, and so are we. The same with money. First there was gold, then different papers, then digits on electronic cards. Now the “virtual” crypto currency is in use. The next logical step will be anti-money™, and we are the ones opening this era.

The future is anti-money.
Anti-money is here!