Territory of Concord
Территория Согласия

Territory of Concord™

“Karelia-the Territory of Concord” is a proposed pilot project of international cooperation based on the principles of conscious integration in the conditions of critical accumulation of risks of existence by civilization.

The Territory of Concord is an area of ideological, political, and economic compromise, a common, permanent platform for the integration of different views and worldviews, an example of racial and interethnic tolerance in the face of the threat of real destruction of civilization.

The Territory of Concord is the core around which politicians, figures of culture, art, science, church, business and industrial leaders, and members of the public can unite to find solutions to the current change in civilization based on universal values.

The Territory of Concord is a well-known club of top-level political figures, where the leaders of states personally or through their representatives conduct non-protocol conversations and negotiations, the purpose of which is to develop verified strategic initiatives for world development.

The Territory of Concord is the union of the highest representatives of confessions and historical folk beliefs in order to develop common programs for the restoration of the spirituality of society.

The Territory of Concord is an international association of cultural and art workers, representing on a parity basis the best examples of human creativity of a humanistic orientation.

The Territory of Concord is an association of scientists and specialists for the purpose of objectification and optimization of system knowledge on the basis of a unified theory of the World and an adequate scientific picture of the world order.

The Territory of Concord is a zone of science cities that create environmentally oriented methodologies of human life, technology parks that introduce the most advanced, fundamentally new, nature-like technologies and intellectual achievements of the whole world.

The Territory of Concord is a recognized international financial institution, an active participant in global financial activities.

The Territory of Concord is an example of reasonable common existence of all people.