Without deception shines the only Source, not some touchwood on the edge of a swamp. To see then Light, one must turn away from the luring darkness, false goal.

We used to play evil, now we’ll play kindness. We walked that way, now we’ll walk back. We used to save money, now we’ll collect anti-money. It’s all right, dialectics teaches us about negation of negation.

Do you think Rockefeller did charity because he had a kind soul? Or he had secret reasons? For example that the billionaire was devoted to illusion and knew that it was in his interest to level up the consequences of accumulating beyond any measure?

Rockefeller was no pioneer in charity, of course. The knowing forbearers had made sacrifices to gods from their riches since time immemorial. When was the last time you sacrificed, or it never happened? That’s bad, very bad. You accumulate illusion – you reinforce illusion.

Where did the custom of sacrifice come from among all earthly people? By the way, they used to sacrifice real things, it was not appropriate to give gods some gizmos or fakes. They sacrificed valuables and necessary things. But they did not burn bank notes on the sacred fire; illusion is not accepted as sacrifice.

Among gods that main one is the Lord and includes all of them. Why would the Real one, who is Everything himself and full, need a sacrifice? What is the meaning of sacrificing something of your own straight from the heart? There is just one answer. It’s not God who needs the sacrifice, but the one who makes it. Try to understand it, it is important: by sacrificing you gain. What do you gain? Connection to the Real, reciprocity with God, so that He should know, see and direct, not to make a mistake. He is worth it.

In the duality of dispensation God gets his and Satan - his own. The fake ones sacrifice someone else’s to God. Others’ lives, others’ fates, others’ thoughts and others’ money. When a business shark transfers a bit of money, for example, to orphanages, he buys indulgency to continue deceiving.

The metaphysical essence of all money is to change fate by changing possibilities. Money is a struggle of quantities. Quantity is Satan’s area of responsibility: as we know, God is one and whole, but Satan on the contrary is divided to dust and wants to grind everyone to dust, humiliate and destroy.

The struggle of quantities is comparison “more – less”. The idea of “more” comes from the word “pain”. That’s right: when they tear you apart to make more, it hurts. That’s the essence of hell – pain, pain, and pain. Money is made of pain.

Quantity is pain. Quality is enjoying life and joy. Satan is sick, that’s why he is angry. God is healthy and so he is joyful. Under whose wing would you like to be? Here is Satan – with illnesses, around and near. But to be closer to God, the only Goal, one must heal. First of all, to get rid of false values and of hypnosis of money.

Money is a devaluating conscience, the root of pain and illness of society degrading in the victory of entropy. Is there a rich man in the world whose children are honest and noble, the joy of their father, or are all of them wasted scum from birth? We say that money corrects fate. Extra money kills fates. Rockefeller knew it for sure. Others know it too, but it is hard to make a choice. One must believe in the soul, its immortality, in ahd and punishment, but you were taught wrong things all your life, that you “live only once” and you are “king of nature”.

You are striving for the ideal in everything. In sacral meaning the ideal is absence of superfluous. Superfluous is something you don’t need and something that is in your way. To accumulated the superfluous means to step away from the ideal. It’s a paradox: you imagine the ideal differently. What to do? Correct your conscience, it became lopsided and looks awkward. Palaces and yachts, sacks of gold in the corners of the flat - that’s not the ideal, but just the opposite, believe me! It has nothing to do with real happiness and true wealth. Don’t compare and do not envy; you should not envy, but pity here. Here is one more mystery: to die means to come back again to the Real World, where there is God, Teacher and Tormentor. There, golden toilet bowls are commonplace and no one will praise you for misappropriation of funds.

You’ve been tempted! You’ve been confused and you are lost, and looking for an ideal where it has never been and can never be – in illusion. The superfluous leads to depravity and that’s all. Here is the question of excess. Of course, the means for roof, food, clothes, your business, and reserve for a rainy day – is not excess. Excess is something you can do without. Isn’t that an argument for the benefit of a noble victim! Here is a beautiful opportunity to change fate at the crossroads, now, when the essence of the Earth is being decided.

Money excess is your ideal sacrifice. You must not burn or throw money to the wind; you must sacrifice it for good deeds. To become closer to the Real, for him to welcome, accompany, give force – these are your benefits. Let’s repeat: it’s not God, but you who need a sacrifice today, when reality is dying and everyone understands it.

Since decentralized “virtual” crypto currency exists in computer networks and electronic clouds, its existence directly depends on the stable operation of transformer substations. Anti-money™ is securely stored in the noosphere, the energy informational basis of the biosphere, our place. The noosphere contains information about each and everyone. This information will not be lost till the Earth is alive, until the crystal structure of earthly Reason loses its form.

Planetary reality is a combination of private realities created as a pair of noosphere-biosphere by separate consciousnesses. If electronic money is made, on a large scale, adjacent atomic shells, anti-money is a product of thought production, oriented thought forms. The only thought creating and thought keeping noosphere is virtual, because it is represented by the all-permeating intellect.

The level of the system carriers of crypto currency is atoms and electrons. Anti-money is on the sub-atom level, which is quantum. Here, our thoughts form quantum clusters, egregores of united consciousnesses in the noosphere. The quantum of consciousness is an elementary particle of the world intellect.

In the mystical circulation money and anti-money are antagonistic. They both have their unseen master. Money is quantity; even crypto currency is a great number of useless figures when you get down to it. Anti-money is quality. Quantity is always deception, but quality is lack of deception. In the mystical circulation money and anti-money are antagonistic. Both have their own unseen owner. Money is quantity; even crypto currency is just a great multitude of useless digits. Anti-money is quality. Quantity is always deception, but quality is lack of deception.

From the historical-metaphysical and psychophysical points of view anti-money is the means of changing an individual and group fate by influencing the structure of the active noosphere by consciousness.

For everyone at the end of the expiring times the most effective anti-money is the Certificate of participant of creation of the new earthly reality.

Anti-money is a sacrifice as a gift. This is what’s surprising: by sacrificing, presenting, giving, you gain. Because you are weighed and recognized as fair.

Eden Certificate™ helps you to know and to have a real ability.